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Technical audit of shot blasting and shot blasting equipment

Shot-blasting equipmentis a machine that is engaged in self-destruction, and in the process cleans your parts. Often a small trifle in the form of an improperly installed distribution chamber or wear of the receiving plate of the elevator can lead to severe consequences: increased wear of spare parts, low cleaning speed, failure to achieve the required quality of machined parts.

We are often approached by customers with a simple phrase: "It does not clean", behind which lie dozens of factors “why”. Our company has extensive experience in finding the causes of inefficient operation of shot blasting equipment. To help our customers, we provide a technical audit service for shot blasting and shot blasting equipment, which includes:
  • Departure of our technical specialist to your company;
  • Communication with the engineering services of the enterprise in order to identify problems;
  • Inspection of equipment;
  • Identification of the causes of malfunctions;
  • Preparation of a technical report with recommendations for the elimination of identified malfunctions;
  • Development of a defective statement with parts and assemblies requiring replacement;
We accept orders for technical audit of shot blasting equipment from any manufacturers: European, Chinese, Russian, etc.
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