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Training of staff operating and servicing shot blasting equipment

The problem of qualified staff is especially acute for the heads of enterprises that have purchased or are already operating shot-blasting equipment. Equipment suppliers are often not themselves competent in the technology and maintenance of the equipment they supply, and the knowledge transferred to the enterprise is limited to the sequence of pressing the control buttons. There are no colleges and technical schools that train shot throwers and shot blasters in Russia. In most cases, the staff are self-taught, who unknowingly make mistakes that lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the equipment and increase the cost of operation.

Our company has extensive experience in the field of maintenance and operation of shot blasting equipment. We offer you a range of services that will improve the efficiency of your equipment and reduce the cost of cleaning:

The first day - a full technical audit of the operation of shot-blasting equipment:

Upon the audit, a detailed technical report will be provided on the shortcomings seen and ways to eliminate them

The second day is staff training. Recommended participants: chief technologist, shop technologists, shop foreman, repairmen, specialists of the main power engineer service, operators.

The training is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 - theoretical (3 hours):

• Rules for selecting shots to meet customer requirements: degree of cleaning, roughness, productivity;
• Setting up the separation system, control methods;
• Methods of setting up the aspiration system;
• Adjusting the position of the turbine torches, depending on the condition of the equipment;
• The regularity of replacement of components, depending on wear.

Part 2 - practical (3 hours) – working out of the received materials on the equipment.

Upon completion of the training, checklists are provided for daily monitoring of equipment operation, i.e. a list of actions for each category of staff that must be performed for the effective operation of equipment with a minimum cost.

We accept orders for the training of staff operating and servicing shot-blasting equipment of any manufacturers: European, Chinese, Russian, etc.
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