production of components for
Shot Blasting

  • Own foundry
  • Optional chemical composition
  • Received hardness 58 - 62 HRc
  • High wear resistance of components
Assemble the turbine
Disassemble the turbine
Turn the turbine
Spin the turbine
Dismantle the turbine to view spare parts
Blast wheel
In our opinion, the shot blasting turbine is the main unit of the entire shot blasting plant, because it does the main job of cleaning your parts. Our company manufactures...
Spare parts for shot blast machines
We manufacture and supply analogue wear parts for all types of shot blast machines: European, Chinese, Russian, etc. We can also manufacture parts according to customer drawings. We guarantee a comparable service life with original parts.
Official trademark of WB Technology
Shot Blasting Equipment
Our company is the only production facility in Russia that has a closed production cycle for shot blasting equipment, ranging from foundry production, ending with the assembly and welding shop. Unlike our competitors, we do not depend on the supply of spare parts and assemblies from abroad. By In our work, we often travel to our customers, communicate with the technical services of factories, and audit their shot blasting equipment. Based of this experience, taking into account all the wishes of customers, our design department has developed shot blasting equipment that allows you to get the maximum performance with minimal operating costs...

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