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Jupiter blast wheel

Technical Specifications
The Jupiter shot-blasting turbine can be equipped with an electric motor of 15 - 22 kW
  • Turbine rotation speed 2950 rpm
  • Turbine throughput 360 kg/min
  • The rate of the shot departure 80 m/s
  • Turbine wheel diameter 350 mm (double-disc wheel)
  • Number of blades 8 pcs
The shot-blasting turbine is specially designed as a highly efficient analogue of expensive shot-blasting machines of European manufacturers.

Advantages of our turbine:
  1. We have ourown foundryspecializing in the manufacture of spare parts for shot blasters, which allows us to carry out components for our turbine according to independently developed chemistry and proven process technology.
  2. Maximum performance. The turbine feeder is equipped with a natural air intake system, which allows the shot to be distributed over the entire working surface of the blade and to form the maximum possible width of the shot departure torch.
  3. Increased protection of moving elements. The design of the armor has additional barriers that prevent the shot from hitting the impeller and hub. Fasteners made of an alloy specially designed for abrasive wear are also used.
  4. Versatility of installation. Our turbine can be used on any type of shot blasting equipment, regardless of its origin. We will manufacture the transition flange for German, Italian, Chinese or Russian equipment.
  5. Technical support. The specialists of our company have extensive experience in the operation of shot-blasting equipment and will always be able to help solve the issues of setting up and adjusting shot-blasting turbines and the installation itself.
Our shot-blasting machine is universal, it can be used on any kind of shot-blasting equipment, from any manufacturers: European, Chinese, Russian, etc

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