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Having our own foundry in addition to the main production allows us to produce:

Shot blasting installation for individual customer tasks

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum weight according to your requirements
  • Maximum part width according to your requirements
  • Maximum part length according to your requirements
  • Maximum part height according to your requirements
  • Number of hoists according to your requirements
Design and manufacture of shot blasting installations for individual customer tasks.

Our advantages:
Working chamber
Unlike our competitors, we do not save on metal. The body of the shot blasting machine is made of sheets with a thickness of 8-10mm. The inner walls of the chamber are protected by sheets of chrome-plated cast iron with locks 15 mm thick (hardness 58-62 Hrc).

Shot-blasting turbines
Our company manufactures a wide range of turbines that can be selected based on the requirements of your technological process.

Provides lifting of the contaminated shot abrasive to the separator. The belt tension occurs by moving the upper drum. The conveyor belt is made of abrasion-resistant rubber with a textile gasket. The buckets are solid cast from chrome-plated cast iron. Rotation of the elevator is carried out by a gear motor, which is mounted on the upper drive drum.

Coarse air purification system:
Instead of the outdated cyclone system, a precipitation ladder is used in the shot blasting chamber: air, together with shot and dust particles, enters the ladder, inside which a movable plate is provided. Large particles hitting the plate return to the system, and the dust enters the filter. By adjusting the height of the plate, you can change the size of the particles returned to the system. The precipitation ladder reduces the fraction consumption by 10% and significantly increases the service life of filters.

Cartridge-type dust removal system:
The capacity of the filtration plant is selected based on the size of the working chamber individually for each project.

Control cabinet:
The automated control system of the shot blaster includes equipment from leading European and domestic manufacturers. The system ensures efficient and safe operation of the equipment throughout the entire period of operation. The automated control system of the shot blaster is built on the  basis of a panel controller from B & R (in terms of quality parameters, it is not inferior to Siemens). It is installed on the local control panel of the shot blaster and is designed to implement algorithms for controlling equipment in manual and automatic mode, and also displays information about the condition of the equipment..

We accept orders for the manufacture of shot blasting machines for any of your technological tasks.

Fill out the form and our manager will contact you shortly, providing all the necessary information on your question.