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We manufacture spare parts for shot blaster under WB Technology brand:

Roller table protection element

The roller table inside the working chamber is just as susceptible to abrasive wear as the protection of the chamber. With point wear, you have to change the entire roller assembly. To avoid unnecessary costs, our specialists have developed a universal solution. The entire roller table is divided into segments, the segments are made in the form of sleeves, then they are put on a conventional pipe and a shaft is welded from the ends for rotation. In case of wear of one segment, it simply changes to a new one with minimal costs on your part. We offer engineering services for the processing of the roller table structure for the segments we manufacture.

We accept orders for the manufacture of wear-resistant roller table for shot blaster production: Turbotecnica, Rösler, Gietart, Agtos, Stem, Amurlitmash, Konrad Rump, Cogeim, OMSG, Pangborn, Carlo Banfi, Gostol, Thermal Spray-Tech (TST), Velikiye Luki Mechanical Plant (VMZ), as well as for equipment manufactured in China and their domestic counterparts from CHZDO, Rosinductor, Uralitmash (Techprom).


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